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Bridget Schaas

Rev. Bridget Schaas Psychic Tarot Card Reader

 I am,  Rev. Bridget Schaas, a psychic tarot card reader. Do you want to see
where your life is headed? Do you want answers or make changes
to your life? Or do you have questions concerning  your
different areas of life? Areas, such as family, love life,
career, job, money, spiritual growth?

I am Rev. Bridget Schaas, a psychic tarot card reader.  My goal is to show you what  different areas of your life are doing, what is
going on in your life, and how you can make better decisions.

This all can be answered with me using tarot cards
and my psychic insights. So If you don’t like the answers you get, the
tarot cards can  show you how to make changes, or have a
different mental outlook, all of which can change the outcome.
Outcomes  change, based on changes mentioned. For you
were given free will by the Universe, God, Spirit or Whoever.
Nothing is engraved in stone. What I get and with using the tarot
cards, is what is going on in your life at that particular
moment in time. So If everything stays the same, you will have
that particular outcome.

Professionally, I have done individual psychic tarot
card readings and readings at psychic fairs for around 16 years. First tarot cards were done as a hobby. Then I studied under Misty Kuceris and Barbara Anderson.

Afterwards, I studied under some of the best tarot and
oracle card readers associated with Hay House, who promotes
those card readers, their books, and their decks of cards. So I
completed my Card Reading Certification online with those teachers.
Lastly, I received my Certified Angel Card Reader, the online
course under Radleigh Valentine, who is also associated with
Hay House.

I, Rev. Bridget Schaas, am a psychic tarot card reader, who strives
to reach viewers all over the world by going on YouTube.

Bridget Schaas YouTube   gets my YouTube  channel.

Are you ready for change or getting your questions answered?

Seeing how things are going or heading?

Special! $75.00 for a reading.


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