Tarot Cards Resonate with my Clients

Bridget holding Tarot Cards
Rev. Bridget Schaas holding five tarot cards, waiting to read them.


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Tarot cards resonate with my clients. These cards are
more specific in answering questions and concerns
that both you and I have.  We want answers to pressing
issues, concerning family, career, love, romance, health,
money, spiritual development, and our life purpose.

We are so busy today and then we have a lot of electronic
devices. That makes it even harder to concentrate on
our everyday lives and concerns. There is so much more going on in the world today, because of our many electronic devices. That makes it
hard to focus on everyday concerns. Too often those
concerns take a back seat.

Tarot cards bring you back more quickly where you
need to focus- on everyday personal, family, and
relationship life issues and doings.

I, basically, use tarot cards-the Rider-Waite tarot cards.
These tarot cards resonate with my clients. The Rider-
Waite tarot cards are more detailed and specific.

They resonate with me very well. There is more details and
symbolism in those tarot cards. Other tarot cards are
also known to be more specific and detailed.

When I feel led, sometimes I will use oracle cards  with
the tarot cards depending on my client.
But basically, tarot cards resonate with my clients.

So why not make a tarot card reading appointment today?

Special! $75.00 for a reading.


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